eight feet wide, and about four feet six inches high. Flat top and rounded ends, and at each end a seat shaped cavity that you could sit in with your legs and feet dangling over the end. The whole structure is solid, rather like a stage, and stands alone now concealed by shrubbery. Others are different shapes and designs and sizes, all are completely filled with stone. For defence purposes they would have been useless. It has been suggested the purpose of them had a religious nature. Seen from above some of them form mystifying designs that someday someone may understand.


Literally there are thousands of these various types of stone structures built in a three to four mile radius of Rennes le Chateau. RLC has a remarkable history, and is a tiny village set on a small mountain above the large village of Couiza in the Aude Valley. Legends handed down the generations from the time of Jesus Christ tell us how the family of Jesus was saved from Roman persecution.. Joseph of Arimathia, a prosperous merchant, used his merchant ships to carry the family to a safe haven at Marsailles in the Gulf of Leon. There they were made welcome by the local rulers and treated as nobility.

Later Joseph took Christianity to Glastonbury in England. The family stayed as part of a growing Jewish community. There they continued to teach what previously they had heard Jesus teach to the people. As the Royal bloodline of the House of David, when they married into the local Visigoth nobility they merged that blood of Jewish royalty. Thus began a dynasty of mythical Healer Kings that was known as the Merovingian or Red-haired Healer kings. Whilst The Family, taught the original teachings in the safety of Septimania, the early Christians who still existed under Roman rule and domination were compelled to either worship in secret, or to alter the Christian teachings to make them acceptable to their Roman rulers. Those who chose the former were hunted down and usually died in Roman prisons or as victims in the Roman Sports Arenas. Those who chose the latter changed Christianity so that when Rome finally accepted it as the official religion, it was a very different message to the Word as taught by Jesus, and later by his family in France. Many centuries later when the official teachings violently clashed with the original teachings, the effect on the Languedoc was bloody and traumatic.


Because Rome accepted this version it was enshrined as the message of Jesus to be taught by the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Priests were sent to every land to teach it throughout the vast Roman Empire. When previously the Empire destroyed the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem they removed the treasure first and took it back to Rome. Later when the Roman Empire was invaded and conquered by the Germanic Tribes known as the Visigoth Hordes, the Visigoths spared the Christian temples. Legend says they removed the treasure of Solomonís Temple and brought it back to France, At the time most of France was part of the Visigoth Empire that also straddled the Pyrenees Mountains into Northern Spain.


Though the Roman Empire was crushed, the Holy Roman Church with its many far-flung priests was more powerful than before. Also it was more powerful than the petty kings and warlords who, individually, were trying to grab pieces of the shattered Roman Empire. Each to retain what they had fought for, had to swear allegiance to the then Pope and in this way the Pope became a Maker and Breaker of kings. Part of the allegiance sworn was to defend the Faith as taught by the Church of Rome. Anyone who would not accept The Faith as taught was condemned to death for the†††


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