offered to the children of the mercenary soldiers, and that some women Parfaits, spared these children a cruel ordeal by jumping with them from the ramparts, to their deaths on the rocks below.


The garrison had been warned that if anyone escaped, all including the hostages would die. Here we have another mystery, because despite this warning four Parfaits were concealed in the castle by and with the full knowledge of the garrison. On the 16th March, under cover of darkness, the four Parfaits, led by a guide, lowered themselves with ropes down the western face of the mountain, entailing the descent of sheer drops of 500 Feet at a time. It is not known what they were carrying. The treasure had been removed earlier in the year so why wasn1 t whatever they carried removed at the same time? It must have something essential for the Solstice Ceremony that could not be allowed to fall into the hands of the Roman Catholic Church Inquisitors.


 Whatever it was also affected 21 non-Cathars so deeply that they went to a horrible death they could easily have avoided. Could it have been documents or books appertaining to the Cathar beliefs? Or maybe something that proved beyond doubt that the Enshrined Word that the Holy Roman Church, taught and believed for over a thousand years, was based mainly on later fabrications. Distortions or miss-interpretations of the Truth as Jesus originally taught it?


Very briefly here we must look at two items of history set firmly in The Middle Ages. The first, even in modern times has always been considered to be the product of the imaginations of medieval writers of lyrical, mystical romances. Romances in which heroic knights were sent to seek The Holy Grail that itself is tended by the Family of The Holy Grail. The Grail may be a drinking vessel, a special stone, or a bowl of some sort, but always its special powers are derived from its legendary contact with the blood of Jesus.


The second item has a far more factual basis, and that is the existence of The Knights Templar with their white robes and red crosses. In the medieval romances the heroic knights described were unmistakably Knights Templars who also were sent seeking something very special. The order derived its name from The Knights of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. The order became a huge powerful and influential international organisation with its own fleets of fighting and merchant ships and dockyards. Its own hospitals, castles and lands donated by new entrants. It became the greatest moneylender in Europe, lending to Kings and thus controlling the freedom of action of those kings.


The Templars were the forerunners of scientific research and were the first to use the magnetic compass. The Templars owned the three ships, with their white sails and large red crosses that Christopher Columbus used to discover the West Indies. The Templars had deep knowledge and understanding of the Occult, of Metaphysics, and of the Psychic world. Their avowed aim was to draw together the Islamic and Christian worlds. The Templars built some of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world, on sites with special energies detected by Psychics. Today, in those soaring structures, amid the Gothic arches you can see carved stone symbols that have more to do with secret occult knowledge than they have to do with Christianity as it is taught today. The Templars were responsible to the Pope and no


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