nearby and convenient place to hide this priceless document or book.


There is no space here to follow the history of the Templars to their cruel end. Philippe 1V accused the Templar Order, of Heresy. Secretly Philippe arranged for a simultaneous arrest of all Templars and confiscation of all their gold, finances, lands and possessions and properties throughout France.

The Templars were pre-warned so that though Philippe arrested many Templar Knights, many got away and the Templar Fleet left harbour the night before, carrying Templar treasure and records to an unknown destination.


So much has happened to the many generations of people who have lived and died in this area but we lack the space to write about them here. For example, the whole Foothill area from the Mountains to Carcassonne and Narbonne was once part of Spain, ruled by the invading Moors. Even today many villages have Spanish names and The Francais spoken here has a distinct Spanish influence. Each year many thousands of visitors are drawn to this rural wine producing area. Here, unhindered, they are free to explore it's mysteriously beautiful terrain, its many abbeys, chateaux and fortress ruins towering high above the surrounding land on steep pinnacles and almost inaccessible rocky ridges. Also to learn about the area's much layered history of battles between Light and Darkness.


We have aimed to offer you a hint of the flavour of this area rather than for strict historical accuracy. We hope that without engulfing you in historical dates, names and places, we have been able to help you to understand our love for this part of the Languedoc that we think of as "Home", and some of it's dramatic, and traumatic history.


If you should feel drawn to learn more about the history of the Languedoc and itís peoples, we recommend a book available in English, researched and written by Michael Baigent. Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln.



The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. : Corgi Books 0-552-12138X


This is considered by many people to be one of the definitive textbooks about the Languedoc, the Cathars, and the ancient and modern history of mysterious Rennes le Chateau that looms high above our home in Couiza on the River Aude. A visit to the Aude Valley is a once in a lifetime experience to be treasured. For those people who believe as the Cathars did in Reincarnation, often a visit may feel more like a homecoming: A return to the land of the Cathars in this present life to complete unfinished business. If you feel this way donít let your mind deny the feeling. Come to the Languedoc and find out for yourself.


For those people who simply want an enjoyable vacation, it is all here waiting for you. The country people in France never do anything by halves. They work hard and play hard. They love and enjoy life, and gladly share their enjoyments with you the visitor. Their enjoyments include delicious and unusual foods. Much of their national product; beautiful wine, is produced from grapes lovingly grown in this lovely area.


In springtime the hillsides of the Aude valley are a glorious carnival of unusual, often


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