(Or reversed thought)


For those who are living their time of spring.

As a man of autumn, I have advice to bring.

Thereís no fool like an old fool, so they say.

But lend an ear, for help you it may.


Many traps could cause you strife

If you let them rule your life.

Silly things, too petty for thought.

So you let them trap you, and then youíre caught.


A telephone is your paid servant to ignore or not,

Yet it calls like a master and to it you trot.


Another trap is of dungarees

(Worn simply to protect your clothes if you please).

But before you realise, everyone agrees

That all dirty jobs henceforth are theeís.


Never let your ego allow others be able,

To make you believe you are indispensable,

This is a trap that binds you with chain.

Those others will use your energies to drain.


Who may speak with AUTHORITIVE VOICE?

Fools or wise men; itís their choice.

So ignore their tone, listen to whatís said.

Does it make sense once inside your head?


With promises; accept nothing that is blurred,

Youíre likely later to be told you misheard.

Beware also of what is not said,

Intended to be taken by you as read.


The key to all traps is to be aware,

That others are driven by hidden doubt, and fear.


To use the key, understand what YOU are,

Unique in Creation, a treasure by far.

Cherish yourself and the others as well

But donít be trapped by their confused hell.


David Brittain.

Ascension Support Team (France)



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