Rush and hurry… Fret and worry… Tearing me apart.

Mustn’t falter… Mustn’t alter… Got to play my part,

Clock is whirling… Poor mind swirling… Makes my breathing race.

Thoughts all tangled… Nerves all jangled… Got to stand the pace.


Much to do… Can’t stop to mention, like a bow of nervous tension.

Like a cloud of apprehension… Whoever else is in this race?


Got to find a way to cool it,

Find a way to slow me down,

Ask a question… What’s the hurry?

Why this concentrated frown?


Always breathlessness, nerves aquiver,

Body-state fulltime alarm,

Know a method to deliver,

A steady flow of tranquil calm.


Think of all the ways of breathing,

Altered by our every mood,

Happy or with anger seething,

Restful or with worry imbued.


The aim through conscious breath control,

Is gentle calm for you,

So find a quiet room in which to rest,

When all the tasks are through.


Rest in comfort… close your eyes,

Now you’re on a beach,

You and just the breeze that sighs,

Alone and out of reach.


On your eyelids feel the sunlight,

Feel the soft give of golden sand,

Seabirds swoop in raucous sun flight,

Where endless oceans meet the land.


Hold this image… Thoughts still wander?

Gently lead them back to here,

Vivid feeling overlays you,

Practice makes it crystal clear.


Listen to the ocean heaving,

Wave sounds made by you alone,

Breathing in… on shingle seething,

Breathing out… the wave has gone.


Hold the image… make it perfect,

Waves too fast to sound quite true?

Slow them down, correct the defect,

Your body knows just what to do.


Use this method… use it often,

Anytime you feel up tight,

Breathe correctly… calm will follow,

Calm-filled life, from morn till night


Nothing violent… gentle breathing,

Pause between the in and out,

Controlled by you, no mood can alter,

No fear or worry can put you out.


The mind is a tool of the essential you,

Use it; don’t let it use you.



God Bless


David and Yvonne Brittain





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