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Close your eyes and you won’t see it.



With some workers for the light it is often difficult to follow the workings of their minds. For example I would be considered stark, staring crazy if I tried with closed eyes to smilingly and blithely dander across a motorway or freeway that was filled with high-speed traffic. It wouldn’t matter how many times I re-assured myself that, “All is illusion” and, “God will protect me” most probably I’d still end up crushed under some innocent driver’s vehicle.


All I would have proved would be that even God can’t protect me from my own blind stupidity.


All the above may seem obvious and yet a similar kind of misguided eyes-closed, God and the energies will do it all for us, attitude seems to of late have permeated the new age and ascension scene. In our role of workers for the light we have to fully participate in whatever is going on around us, this whilst observing and always keeping the greater reality clearly in mind. In fact it is the worker for the light’s privileged role to find ways of helping the unaware to become aware of that greater reality. This role is made more difficult if the worker for the light has deliberately avoided keeping up-to-date with current world events. How often have we heard the cry, “Oh I don’t watch the TV news, it’s all so negative”, of course it is negative, it’s meant to be negative to keep us all in an ongoing state of fear and apprehension. The name of the game is ‘Control’ but control requires widespread unawareness. By closely observing what the controllers and manipulators are currently up to we can at least then offer an alternative viewpoint to those who are unaware that they are controlled.


The main problem is that almost from birth onwards we are all lovingly mind conditioned to believe that a selfish, competitive, society is the only feasible way of life it has become our reality. We are only urged to cooperate together, for instance as a business enterprise team, to enable us to compete with other enterprises. The same applies in the worlds of sport, leisure activities, and even religions compete with each other for followers. So our role is to focus attention upon the actions of the manipulators, and to offer alternative ways of living and of observing life. We have to start somewhere because unawareness is so very widespread.


If each of us would try to persuade the unaware folks around us to adopt the dual role of participants and observers this would require them to mentally step back a pace to acutely observe the machinations that rule their lives. In turn this would lead them to individually re-assess their lives and their valuation of self. Only then could growing awareness lead a person to begin to take an interest in seeking the true meaning and purpose of his or her existence. Until that state of mind is reached talk of the ascension process and spirituality would produce the self-defeating ‘them and us’ situation that at all costs we need to avoid.


The worker for the light to be effective tries to seem to be just like everyone else, but has an unforgettable presence, an invisible but palpable aura of light, and a self-confident way of expressing his or her thoughts and outlook on life, that although new, unfamiliar, and different to the outlook of the unaware, definitely has a awareness triggering effect. Think back to the time when awareness was triggered in you. It could have been in casual conversation with a stranger on a train journey, or someone you met at work. It might have been whilst reaching for a travel book from the bookshop shelf and by ‘chance’ discovering that you’d instead pulled out a book about Astrology or Zen, or any of the spiritual subjects, and then found you just had to read it from cover to cover. To have awareness triggered is such a personal experience that includes a feeling of freedom never felt before. This is why it is such a great privilege to be a worker for the light offering this freedom to all who could accept it. 



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David and Yvonne Brittain


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