A good friend phoned us from his new light centre, further west than we are along  “Payes du Cathare”, in the foothills of the French Pyrenees. He often visits us and for this next visit he also wishes to bring a friend to meet us. He mentioned that the friend is a professional diver, and when I asked him if the friend also shares our mutual beliefs, we were assured that his friend certainly does. The reason why I asked was because all are welcome in our home. We also realise that no guests enjoy having to politely endure discussions about subjects of which they have no knowledge, nor interest. His request highlights a difficulty on the path that all seekers face sooner or later.


Always in our articles about Ascension we urge Seekers to also regard themselves as teachers of Ascension. The reason we urge this is because whatever the seeker learns, and then discerns as his or her “Truth” may also be the trigger for someone who has yet to become a seeker. Ofcourse it is easier to ‘urge’ than it is to ‘do’ because somehow suitable everyday words have to be found and used to describe the indescribable. Obviously, if we all were telepathic, words and written articles would not be needed.


Telepathy would mean that in reply to the vague question, “Ascension Process, what’s that?” We could simply transfer a thought package for the questioner’s mind to receive to then accept or reject. Telepathy isn’t available, so as always we must resort to words and phrases, parables and metaphors. These must be tailor-made so as not to baffle or to patronise or to insult the listener’s or the reader’s intelligence. Equally important, the questioner’s interest must be held whilst a familiar setting is described in which Ascension has its logical place. The problem for the would-be teacher is that many extremely intelligent people bow to, and depend upon the supposed greater knowledge of the established priesthood. Alternatively in our frenzied, competitive world, many more extremely intelligent people are conditioned to regard the subject of why they exist, as totally irrelevant to their busy lives. With these thoughts in mind, we wondered how we would describe to a deep-sea diver a familiar setting in which Ascension logically fits?


So here goes!


From his or her earliest memories a person longs and dreams of being able to fly. He or she longs for the freedom to soar where he or she will, completely unrestricted. Ironically it seems that the person’s path leads downwards instead of upward. Although the dream is seldom lost sight of, the person is highly intelligent and proves to have a natural aptitude that leads he or she to become a professional deep-sea diver. There are other, more experienced, powerful and knowledgeable people. But their plans totally depend upon the diver’s knowledge and courage to descend to where they cannot descend. The diver will gain great rewards in this dangerous profession, rewards that eventually will enable the diver to fulfil the dream to own an aeroplane and to be taught how to fly.


This diver’s role is to descend to the deepest part of the ocean. There the diver must work under a pressure measured in tons per square centimetre, and in absolute darkness broken only by the limited light of his or her own lamp. Most of the long, long descent is achieved in a diving bell made of strong metal that is lowered from the surface. Whilst in the diving bell the diver has telephone contact with those other people who must remain on the surface, but the diver cannot use this contact because he or she is asleep. The reason why he or she sleeps is because the diver must descend much deeper than the maximum possible descent depth of the diving bell.


To do this the diver must wear a special suit designed for use on the floor of the deepest ocean. Also the diver must breath special gases; a mixture to enable him or her to work and breath at such a great depth and pressure. The gases have unavoidable side effects that first induce sleep during the descent. Side effects then rob the diver of all memories of life previous to his or her arrival on the ocean floor. This means that the diver’s store of memory begins on the ocean floor and so does not include knowledge or memory of the diving bell, suspended high above the ocean floor. Nor does it include memory of those on the surface of the ocean. To the memory-less diver in the heavy diving suit it all feels so natural on the ocean floor that the diver doesn’t even wonder why he or she is there.


Also on the ocean floor the diver meets many other divers wandering around in baffled, memory-less states similar to his or hers. In fact there were so many baffled divers wandering around that they all assumed this was normal and how life should be. But because our diver had made several similar deep descents in the past, he or she knew even before the descent that this would happen. This time he or she made some preparations before the descent. Whilst still on the surface the diver dropped various clues so that they would sink to the ocean floor. There to be discovered by him or her, or by others, when later the diver descended. The clues were reminders of the task.


The clues were also meant to remind the diver about the diving bell that would always remain above, suspended from the surface. To complete these preparations before the descent, the diver suspended a radio-linked-telephone on a long rope connected to the diving bell. This meant that he or she could always contact those on the surface via the radio link to the diving bell. Even as the preparations were made the diver knew they would be rendered meaningless when he or she was memory-less on the ocean floor, but at least they were better than no preparations.


Our memory-less, sleeping diver arrives on the ocean floor amid all the other memory-less divers, and they make him or her welcome. Also they protect the diver from dangers that may suddenly loom out of the murky darkness. At first the diver is helpless whilst gradually awakening and growing accustomed to the special diving suit. Meanwhile he or she learns to trust these fellow divers and to follow their guidance based on their personal experience. Unfortunately their personally remembered experiences are limited to just after their own arrival on the ocean floor. Many of the divers sincerely believe that they and their special diving suits be exactly the same thing. The ocean floor is regarded as their real and only world to explore and to exploit.


If the divers discover any of the clues, various religions may be founded around these sacred artefacts that describe seemingly God-like people who are able exist without special diving suits, in a world of air and sunlight. Of these religions some of the divers become priests that ridicule any diver who disagrees with their versions of the clue’s meaning. Rejected by the priests and the uncertainties of the priests’ followers, the lone diver seeks for more clues. Eventually, freed from the priest’s rules and restrictions, the lone diver bumps his or her helmet against the radio-linked-telephone that continues to hang from the diving bell.


Filled with curiosity the diver experiments with this strange object, which has become activated by the diver’s presence. The diving bell is pre-set to alert those people on the surface, and also to send information to the diver to make he or she aware of the true situation. Before the diver can even begin to understand the information a mutually understood language must be patiently learnt. This language includes concepts that are meaningless to the diver amid the murky darkness of the ocean floor. By trial and error the diver learns to understand and to trust the information. He or she realizes that, (despite the current confusion of all the divers, and of their priests) the divers are no different to the people on the surface, and that the divers’ rightful place is in the sunlight.


The special diving suits have a limited life span and when the limit is reached each diver automatically is returned to the diving bell. Even there when he or she is released from the suit and the need to breathe special gases, each must continue to breathe highly compressed air, so cannot yet ascend to the surface.


Immediately the diver’s complete memory returns of past descents and the task to be achieved on the ocean bed. Also the diver remembers the dream of soaring high and free in the sunlight. To achieve the dream the diver knows that he or she, wearing another special diving suit, must return to the confusion of the ocean floor to complete the task. But now the task also includes choosing to help the other divers to overcome their fears and self-doubts enough to discover their own radio links to their diving bells. To then believe information, personally received directly from the surface via the diving bell. This is information that may contradict the teachings of their priests. The diver has chosen this as a part of his or her task. Whilst fellow divers still stumble in the ocean depths of confusion and darkness, the joy of ascending to soar freely far above the sunlit surface would be incomplete.


How did our diver manage to help other divers to overcome the memory loss caused by the side effects of the gas mixture? Before each descent to the ocean floor our diver carefully planned where to drop clues. Then on return to the diving bell our diver would check which clues had been found.

Also which of the clues found had been effective in guiding the other divers to their radio links with the diving bell. After many descents into, and ascents out of, gas amnesia, our diver became very skilled at placing clues. By dropping simple clues, just where they would be most effective with the least possible delay, more and more divers found their own radio links.


More divers made their own personal link up with those on the surface. Of course the gas mixture continued to affect the divers. This meant that the information received couldn’t reactivate their personal memories of life previous to their descent. Instead the information could only be accepted and absorbed by each diver’s intelligence. To then be added to his or her current stock of memory, which began for each diver on arrival on the ocean floor.


None of this mattered because all of these divers were chosen beforehand for their high intelligence, their independence, and their ability to work things out for themselves. All that the divers required was accurate and logical information that explained why the divers, were on the ocean-floor, and knowledge of the task each diver previously undertook. Previously they had lacked that information and so, lacked self-confidence.  Some of the diver-priests of the new, ocean-floor religion discovered their own radio-links. For the priests this became a difficult time. Each had to choose between his or her publicly declared faith in his or her, own teachings, or to believe what his or her intelligence intuitively recognised as truth.


Eventually on the ocean floor, many more divers were always using their personal radio-links. This meant that all memory-less new-arrivals from the diving bell, on awakening could quickly be guided to make contact with those on the surface. Aimless confusion was replaced by knowledge and by purpose, at an accelerating pace. Finally our diver felt that he or she could leave the ocean floor for the last time. His or her task was complete and so our diver in the special diving suit returned to the diving bell. Then, free from the suit and the gas, the diver, whilst gently decompressing gradually ascended to the surface.


The special suit was fabricated from very precious materials. The suit could not be used again for diving, but the materials were priceless and these were the reward for the diver’s courage. The reward enabled the diver to realise the original dream of absolute and ongoing freedom.

But through those countless tests of his or her courage the diver learnt compassion for, and patience with, others and self. These developed virtues helped the diver to understand the true nature of the original dream. There is no enjoyment to be gained from personal absolute freedom whilst also knowing that others remain trapped, by fear, conditioned ignorance, and doubt of self.


The diver used some of the reward to help to fill the ocean floor with light by which the clues and the suspended radio-links could be clearly seen by the divers. The rest of the reward he or she used to reach the level of knowledge and experience required, to create, this diver’s unique version of loving freedom for all with no exceptions. Hopefully a deep-sea diver would be able to relate to this article, but maybe would need to have some of the metaphors explained. Equally because some Ascension teachings appear to blur into vagueness as to whether or not Ascension includes the physical body, we must make our meaning clear.


The sunlit surface in our story is the fifth dimension. This is where the ascended masters pause to look back with love and compassion, and to offer advice and aid for those yet to ascend. For masters to do more would be an intrusion because to ascend they had to master self, and so must we, master self. Eventually each master must continue to evolve, always moving higher towards each master’s individual destiny. What applies to the ascended masters also applies to each of us now, and after we individually ascend. Alone we do it. No one else has the right to do it for us.


We have used the metaphor of the diving bell to represent firstly, our higher self that each of us must learn to intuitively link with, and secondly the pressurised interior of the diving bell represents our individual currently achieved power-level of the astral energy vortex. The crushing pressure on the ocean floor represents the denseness and lowest power-level of Creation, physical existence, at the area formed by the centres of the astral energy vortexes. The murky darkness represents our unknown future and the blurring of our past. The gas-induced side effects of sleep and amnesia have a special meaning. They represent the effect of the unavoidable, reduction of personally achieved high power-level that all old and experienced souls must endure. Each must endure this to re-enter, low power-level, physical existence via a human physical baby.


The special diving suit equates with the human physical body, which enables each non-physical soul to complete the task, provided that the soul refuses to be deflected by the confusion of other souls. With the task achieved, the soul then collects the reward. But what is priceless, about a reward that consists of an unusable human physical body to a soul that can ascend to the non-physical 5th. Dimension?


In our parable, during each next descent, the diver had to use his or her intelligence to control yet another special diving suit. The diver had to control his or her intelligence to control the suit to be able to complete the task and this without the memory aid of previous descents. The task was completed when the diver’s individual, non-physical conscious intelligence over-rode all fears and self-doubts. The diver’s intelligence then took complete control of the suit. But the special diving suits used by the divers, were designed, owned and provided by the intelligence of the creator of the suits. On completion of the task the value of the loaned suit ceased to be in its design and instead rested in the value of the precious materials of which it was made. The owner passed the intelligent control and ownership of these precious materials to the diver. This enabled the diver to achieve his or her original dream. The reward gave the diver the means to achieve freedom and complete independence.


Whilst the individual soul, must continue to pendulum, between the astral power-level climb, and the low power-level of physical existence, always he or she will need a human physical body. But that body is designed and provided from the energy resources of our Creator’s intelligence, as is entire Creation. The human body, regardless of its designed function as a physical tool, is basically a structured reduced power-level energy flow. This energy flow is controlled and compelled to continuously form itself into atomic matter that is then used to physically fulfil the tool’s design.


During each reincarnation the intelligence of the soul first learns to control designed physical tools (A series of human bodies). The soul’s climb to the highest power-levels of the astral vortex eventually allows the soul’s intelligence to take over complete control of the current tool’s basic energy structure. The achieved power-level of the soul controls and raises the power-level of the tool’s energy structure to way above the low power-level ceiling required for atomic structures made of energy to remain physical.


The reward isn’t eternal life because that we have already. The reward is eternal life backed by the complete independence for each of us gained from being our own individual source of energy. The diver, who finally achieved the dream to own an aeroplane, next had to learn how to safely pilot it. Similarly, when we individually become our own sources of energy we will then have to be taught how to safely control the vast creative powers that will be ours……….


Love and Laughter from David and Yvonne Brittain.


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