David and Yvonne Brittain.


Fear as observed from the depths of a pigeonhole


It’s lovely to have friends, it’s lovely to be able to share each other’s private joys and sorrows, and it’s lovely to share and be shared with the friends of each other. Surely sharing is what friendship is all about? Whether it is or is not it never seems to work out this way for us with our friends. Maybe it’s the same for all light workers; something we all radiate or give off, and if so all light workers have our sympathy. Often we are left to feel like a useful jar of soothing ointment that once effectively used and relief gained is then to be quickly replaced in its pigeonhole, out of sight of other potential users, until it is needed again. This would be understandable if Yvonne and I insisted upon barging in uninvited, scruffy, drunk as lords and argumentative at the home of friends, but we don’t and never have done so. We have always maintained our standards of dress and behaviour and never ‘just drop in’ anywhere, we always wait to be invited. Just as we have and do, everyone has the right to regard his or her own free time as precious.


We are not eager partygoers. At a party we never risk unwittingly giving offence to either our host or his or her guests neither by Yvonne inflicting impromptu, uninvited clairvoyance upon all and sundry; (Yvonne would never do such a thing to anyone), nor by bringing our interests in psychic or spiritual subjects into the conversation. The truth is that at such social gatherings it is other guests that insist upon broaching and drawing us into discussing these subjects with them. Admittedly a few glasses of party wine have a tongue-and-inhibition-loosening effect on most partygoers but it can be embarrassing because a party is hardly the place or atmosphere for deep discussion about any subject. We also find that the same guests, relaxed at the party and full of curiosity about our work, afterwards never seek to visit us to learn more from us, even though we have extended the invitation. These are not complaints, because of course people must please themselves. These really are illustrations of fear in action.


Maybe all light workers have an unintentional effect upon their friends, or maybe it’s just us. We know that our friends are very fond of us and enjoy our company. We know that our friends also have, and are fond of, other friends who share like-minded interests to ours, but somehow we are never allowed to meet them. It is as if our friends fear that if their friends and we meet then our friends might be excluded or in some way outshone. Crazy isn’t it? But as a result Yvonne and I have spent most of our 13 years in France totally isolated locally from the resident and visiting ‘New age’ or ascension cognoscenti scenario. Yes we’ll hear all about their visitors after they’ve gone, or if we’ll pay to make up attendance numbers at the workshops our friends have organised on behalf of their visitors. But to invite us to meet these visitors socially as mutual friends and equals seems to risk stretching our friendships to beyond the breaking point.


This article could be entitled ‘Fear versus Curiosity’ because with many people fear always wins. Why is this so? The answer is that curiosity often requires us to venture out of our comfort zone of thought, and this is more than many people can handle. The same often applies whether it is someone who has gained expertise in some branch of alternative healing, or a parent whose children are now adult and married leaving he or she free to enjoy life, or even many of those good folks who regularly visit the local spiritualist church to make contact with their late Uncle Charlie. Mostly they all are content with what they’ve got and don’t want to delve deeper, as if to learn more might in some way alter their lives. Sadly the same self-built wall of fear that block their sense of curiosity also stunts their powers of imagination, so that they cannot imagine that the alteration they fear might in some way enhance their lives.


From a more optimistic point of view, the day will arrive soon when worldwide fear will be replaced by worldwide curiosity. Then all of we pigeonholed ‘workers for the light’ will become redundant, unemployed ‘workers for the light’ and would have to seek spiritual employment on some other planet!!!


Love and Laughter


from David and Yvonne


Note: We, David and Yvonne continuously drew down and anchored the light in France for 15 years from July 1991 until October 2006 when we returned to our homeland England where we continue to do our spiritual work from Walton on the Naze a small seaside resort in Essex. Donations great or small would be gratefully received and would enable us to continue to spread the knowledge of the Ascension Process. To make contact with us click on Contact DAVID AND YVONNE





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