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August 2, 2003 by MW Mandeville
ITEMS: Questions on strategy for the coming collapse

At 07:32 PM 8/2/03 -0700, you wrote:

Hello, Mr. Mandeville.
    My name is Scott Lewis and I am a resident of Charlotte, NC. My curiosity was piqued when I read a description of one of your books, "
The Coming Economic Collapse Of 2006". I plan to order an e-copy come next week (when I get paid).
    Without giving out any spoilers, I wanted to know your opinions on two matters: 1) The future role of China and India, and 2) purchasing precious metals (particularly silver) as a hedge against a economic collapse.

The book will thoroughly background you about many of the key dynamics underway.
Forget silver, its key demand is industrial.  When industry is idling, silver is warehoused unsaleable.  Gold is okay because banks like its intrinsic historical power,  but buy only as a hedge and take your own delivery, do not leave it with the 'house" brokers.  Margins calls might bankrupt them and you at any moment.

China & India are both independently in economic take-off conditions similar to Japan in the 70's.  They are currently being massively stimulated by the Keynesian economic wartime programs of the Bush Imperial Faction. This wartime money is being channeled through the corporations and is leaking in huge torrents into these other countries, consequently the U.S. economy must now be considered to be in a fatal condition, slowly bleeding to death.

in other words the U.S. economy is crashing badly from the giant sucking sound which you know as job loss.  There will be little or no recovery, economically speaking we are in the 1930 Hoover zone with a depressed stock market trying to recover but not quite able to do so.  A big slide is happening possibly in 2004 and 2005 to bottom in 2006. 

Liquidate everything into cash, convert large amounts into euros.

and buy some gold if you want that tangibility.

but if you are in an urban area, put the money into resources for sustainability in a rural area.

the major urban areas of this country are going to be reduced to high conflict zones with large portions of the population reduced to banging on pots and pans while marching in the streets while demanding an over throw of the government.  esp. the main cities in the New England and Wash. DC area, these areas produce no product which is in demand anymore and when the stocks bust out and people have no money, even the ad and broker communities will be thrown out of work and will have nothing.

prepare your exit.

GET THIS, in 1930, after the faltering of the stock markets and the recession deepened, everyone persisted in believing that recovery was right around the corner, the bulls wanted to charge up the market again and rerun the party of the Roaring 20's.  Instead, things just got worse and worse.

We are in this same psychology at this moment.

You will not believe the depth of disillusionment and change (deprivation and denial) which is coming into this country during the next two years.

     The first matter is of particular interest to me because of certain economic hardships that the latter two countries are already placing on my professional future. In case you haven't already guessed it by my last statement, I work in IT (though it just as well could have been manufacturing). I fail to see how I can have a future in IT if I have to compete with a group that is happy making an average of $5000/year. It would probably take generations to produce parity between salaries between the US and the latter countries. Additionally, it seems both countries (particularly China) are very qeen on obtaining a "superpower" position both economically and militarily.

Forget about China and India, neither of these cultures/countries has invaded other peoples or lands in well over 1500 years.  They have no ethos of expansion.  These are not aggressive peoples, but they are highly defensive. They pose little danger, much opportunity.  Our main problem is American Jingoism, that good old fashioned yankee jingo racism which takes whatever it can from who ever it can.  The culture on the Eastern seaboard of elite insider dominance and control and lying manipulation at all levels centered within the military-industrial complex and the major banking families and various branches of the ultra-rich right wing is highly dangerous to us all and is in fact the main problem on Earth at this moment in time.  Not only do they have weapons of mass destruction, they have weapons of mass deception and deprivation and do not hesitate to use them on the targets of the day.

Think of it as the plutocracy.  It could have been a benign force, which it intended itself to be, but its culture of lying and denial is so pervasive and corrupting it has become a hiddeously corrosive presence which is destroying the very sanity of a huge nation of people.   We need to be rid of it and in fact it will be liquidated during the next decade through a collectively forced bankuptcy created by its own incompetence.

This is not going to be a pretty story.  I can already feel in the ethers the growing presence of attitudes and emotional reactions which are going to generate considerable "revenge seeking" against the rich and the establishment which serves them.  After all of the efforts to create a justice seeking society during the past 40 years, what  message does the "hung jury" of the trial of the prisoner-beating cops give us.  None of the "black" eye witnesses were called by the prosecuters to tell the story of what happened.  And what about the black dudes who spent 10 - 20 years behind bars only to be found not quilty after examination of DNA comparison.  Out of some 130, I believe it is, some 40 percent were recently found to be wondering around homeless.  Nobody in authority in their areas gives a shit that they have been  mugged out of 10 to 20 years of their lifes by incompetent prosecutors and have not a clue about what to do nor how to survive.  The reason we have "governors' is to provide the executive capability to deal with such situations and correct them. But even the governors have all disappeared from view... too busy on the golf courses?

In the end, that says everything, doesn't it?  Bye bye Miss American Pie and the late, rumored justice which is never really quite there. It's a hard rain gonna fall.

    The second matter is what I am currently dedicating %5 of my net income to doing. Neither gold nor silver seem to have great rates of return but they do seem to keep with inflation.
    Thanks in advance for your time and attention.

Best regards,
Scott Lewis

Scott, I hate to tell you this, but intellectual strategies and part time investment strategies will not get you very far down the road.  You and I and a couple other hundred million people need to create completely different strategies for rebuilding a future.  Take the challenge, look fundamentally for systemic solutions, not marginal ones.

Best Wishes, Michael Wells Mandeville,
The Hills of Arizona USA at
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