Mind and how it works has always fascinated me. In particular, My Mind, and so even when suffering grief a tiny part of me was an observer. For those that suffer grief now I urge you not to cling to it, and not to feel guilty when you no longer feel as if half of you is missing. Paths meet and entwine. On those paths we learn from each other, and then we go our separate ways, always learning. Always evolving. Always growing stronger and wiser. Always with the certainty, no matter what our beliefs or non-beliefs, that somewhere one day we will all meet again. Already your lost loved one knows this and longs for you to experience your own Spring Tide.           








Light and colour has flooded in.

Green Spring Tide, Life can begin.

The reds and golds and blues all mean,

To dominate my grey dead scene.


These eyes that laughed to mask the pain,

of hidden tears that fell like rain,

inside my heart to sear and burn,

now dry, the grief will not return.


So now I thank my radiant Lord.

My broken heart was not ignored.

The mask has gone. The wound has healed

My eyes asparkle, new life revealed    


And I shall LIVE each minute.




David Brittain 1980



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