Some people often will close their heart

They fear to trust, so they stay apart.

The hurts of life so sharp to bear

They use to build a wall against fear.


They haven’t realised how our Creator laughed,

To produce a human race so daft.

Their serious thoughts; Oh so meticulous,

Desperately need a sense of the ridiculous.


Just throw your mind up to the sky,

To downward look, with a quizzical eye.

You thought to leave your hurts behind,

Yet behind your wall they are in your mind.


So leave those scars and let them heal,

They are dead and past, only ‘Now’ is real.

No time dwell on what might have been.

It is time to enter the Real Life scene.


In a limitless universe you are unrepeated.

It means you’re unique, and so don’t feel defeated.

Cherish that fact; hold your head up high.

The wall will crumble, and your fears will die.


The Creator who made you is very wise,

And never needs to apologise,

For perfect products through and through,

If that is true then why should you?


Lose the ‘I’ lose the ‘ME’.

It’s the only way to tranquillity.

Fresh hurts will come as sure as you’re born.

But they won’t scar with your ego gone.


Many far less endowed than you.

Need help and gentle love; it’s true.

You have lots to give if you have known pain.

So try my dear ones, try again.



David Brittain.

Ascension Support Team (France)




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